Within these walls…

The game is live, and so are we.

A few lumps and bumps along the way. A few ‘hmmm’ moments. Some points when we all seem to be rushing in different directions. But that’s fine.

Hopefully *touches wood* the guild and grouping bugs are now (mostly) resolved. Last time I checked I could see and queue influence correctly. Names are now appearing properly. People can represent. There will always be frustrations and bugs at launch. Despite all of Arenanet’s careful beta testing, the sudden onslaught on the world servers was bound to bring up a few anomalies. Despite these problems, we do all seem to be having fun. Long may it continue.

Searching around on Reddit (instead of doing what I’m meant to be doing) has brought up some interesting threads about naming issues, in-game music and the like. However it does raise one bizarre phenomenon. The lack of GW2’s own dedicated forum to this point. I mean, honestly, what is that about? Arenanet made a long blogpost dedicated to their concept of building a community – but then have driven that community to scatter to other sites elsewhere. And will they win them back? It just seems daft.

One thing that SWTOR got utterly right was to bring up the community forums early. Bring the conversation there as the first point of call. Have the numbers venturing into Tyria flooded the system? Is it overwhelmed just coping with registration? Dunno. But I hope for their sake they bring those forums up soon, as without that base, they lose their community.