Old habits, new thinking

Old habits are indeed hard to break.

During last night’s stress test, a group of us plunged into World vs World pvp – which is a blast, let’s be clear. The walls of the fortress were under attack, ranged spells were hammering into us as we stood behind the ramparts, attempts to bolster the gate and rebuild an arrow cart with supplies were frustrated by the onslaught of damage.

A certain person, suffering a beating, ran to find me, shouting ‘I need a heal, Bram!’

My reply: ‘Well, I can’t help you.’

‘But I thought you were a healer type.’

‘Nope, no pure healers here. We all have our own heals.’

‘But- but- I can’t do that job.’

‘And I’m on a level 2 mesmer. Can’t help you.’

As it happens, on my ranger, I can put down a water field which brings some inherent healing. But not much. Want to make that more effective? I need someone to complete it swiftly with a blast or whirl finisher. Then we will all get a semi-decent heal.

That’s Guild Wars 2 healing. It’s not my job. It’s not your job. It’s our job.
God, this is going to be a nightmare to coordinate…


As an aside, as we launched into battle against another wave of those fierce French invaders, I did call everyone back to admire my robot asura dance, and me rolling on the ground laughing. Got to love emotes. And the fact we’ll never change.