Dungeon dilemmas

It seems that we were lucky. I wasn’t particularly fussed which dungeon we chose – Ascalonian Catacombs on exploration or Caudecus’ Manor on story mode. But I was leaning slightly more towards CM as I do like to explore somewhere different.

It’s a nice instance. We all enjoyed the way that it started a bit differently, and its use of the environment. It’s given me an extra incentive to get to 45 as I would genuinely like to head back into there to explore more.

However the other group of AC explorers were not so lucky. They were unfortunate in their initial choice of exploration route it seems, as by chance they chose the toughest path to start out. 

I fear I have perhaps become too brainwashed by the GW2 no-trinity mantra. I know that Talon felt strongly that they were hampered by the lack of a heavy armour wearer. I should perhaps have balanced the groups better, but I have become over-trusting of mobility and control skills. Which aren’t overly useful against a torrent of mobs flowing into battle. I still think that there are some perspective shifts about battle in GW2 that we need to grasp better. But that will come.

We had two guardians in our group – and did still manage to (almost) wipe a few times (wipes prevented by swift running back in). Against the first big fight in CM, we had some real problems – and there I feared that the lack of ranged skills for the guardians was a problem. However we did also run into a few flash mob battles, where the guardian’s schwing-schwing swords were rather impressive. The bear took on a higher level guy, the guardians blasted their way through the trash mobs, I placed the healing circle, and it all worked a bit better… But that was almost the last battle, so it did take us a while to get the rhythm of batle right. 

Well, learning, learning, we’re always learning. 


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