An hour bashing our heads against a brick wall

We tried everything. We searched Reddit. We moved onto overflow servers. We ran away from the gate. We stared blankly and sadly at an empty lobby with none of our companions in it. But we could not manage to get into the Ascalonian Catacombs last night. Ten people ready, prepared, primed for action – and imminent and interesting death. And nope: nada, zip, zilch. It would not let us in. Or it would taunt us with two arrives but no more. Neither of our two parties could defeat the vicious demon of server capacity.

It’s a bit sad. And disheartening to a group who managed to muster so many at short notice. But the game is still so freshly launched, perhaps it is to be expected. I’ve bounced off the invisible walls in WoW dungeons enough to know that it happens in even the biggest players on the scene. But even so…

It’s a measure of GW2’s success that they have so many people rushing to experience the content. And for the majority of us regular speed levellers it means that we are hitting that level content at the same moment as the rest of the regulars – and the dungeon servers are overwhelmed.

I’m not sure what will happen next. Arenanet have our money already, but I’ve been impressed by their willingness to turn money away – there are no digital purchases for GW2 currently, as they are trying to manage the flood of people onto the game. Three new servers have been opened for the US and another three for Europe. Perhaps they need some new dungeon servers? (Is that how it works? *bemused*)

Still the evening ended on a positive note for me – thanks to Ea and Sejl I discovered whole new areas, collected many new skill points, and painfully (for them) leapt my way to undiscovered vistas and chests.

But one day we shall return to vanquish the dungeon gate demon!


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